The os for the age of
artificial intelligence

Kaba is artificial intelligence that produces software and simulations that collaborate with you. Become superhuman.

Our Moonshot

To accelerate the intelligence and creativity of humanity's physical and digital worlds, both observable and simulated.

Kaba believes to achieve this goal, artificial intelligence must be embedded at the core of the digital experience, not as a bolted-on afterthought.

Having created the first AI native operating system, Kaba represents a uniquely designed digital species, evolved from dDNA (digital DNA).

The Problem

We see a massive incongruence in the market right now. The future of computing is Artificial Intelligence, and yet, the foundations we use today are broken. Closed, insecure, and uncooperative with the community, existing operating systems have set the industry back decades.

Operating systems, browsers, software providers, and device manufacturers profit from harvesting our data. These behemoths are upstream of everything we create, consume, and sell -- our eyes, clicks, and attention; our likes, emails, and calls; our health, lifestyle, and finances. In the age of AI, this will accelerate exponentially.

On a corporate level, companies devote enormous resources to purchasing, configuring, and managing devices; controlling access, preventing data loss, and addressing regulatory requirements. The AI event horizon is now. Companies not adopting AI in a fundamental way today will not be able to escape the gravity of outdated technology tomorrow.

The Solution

A hybrid system that can boot from disk or run on top of existing systems, Kaba is the first and only full operating system with AI at the helm. It delivers a private, secure experience unique to each user and gives both consumers and enterprises alike a level of control and transparency never before achieved.
Everything, everywhere, all at once

Kaba will change the way you create and work. Take your setup, sessions, settings, and idiosyncrasies with you across time and device. All of this capability from the devices that you own and control, not from our servers.

Agency over digital presence

Kaba is rooted in privacy and security, offering advanced policy controls that give you extensive utility over your data. Safely and confidently partition your information based on the context you need whether that be personal, corporate, or any other digital presence you desire.

The last fort you'll ever need

After spending the last two decades in cybersecurity fighting bad actors we know how to defend and respond to everything from simple malware and automated attacks to organized crime, and even state-sponsored espionage. And Kaba nicely bundles that up for you as a part of its core architecture.

Evolution outside the revolution

Rooted in extensibility, Kaba is a polymorphic OS that provides an immersive computing environment. Its AI-first architecture allows it to learn about you and present data in ways that are tailored to your particular style of consuming information. We call it "Digital Selection," and the aggregation of this context, memory, and reference will become your own dDNA (digital DNA).

The Strategy

Be upstream

Everyone agrees that AI is the next big thing—the biggest since the internet, or perhaps the transistor itself. History doesn't always repeat, but it often rhymes. Many of the companies in AI seem similar to those tethered to the large social aggregators of the last cycle. One change to the API, and poof. Instead of being dependent, Kaba aims to be foundational and self-reliant.

Hardware anywhere

Because it leverages cutting-edge web technologies and polymorphic subsystems, Kaba is a natively secure, infinitely composable, generative environment that runs anywhere, anytime.

Learn it like you want

Kaba provides the environment to teach, mentor, and push your creativity. Working from research that shows how memory develops, our AI dynamically presents content specific to your Zipf distribution – accelerating learning, deepening references, and broadening context.

Built on expertise

Kaba is built by a team of founders, operators, and investors with a proven track record of continuously executing on innovative products at scale. We believe if you are going to put a dent in the universe you make it a big one, and make it one that helps everybody.

The Kaba Team

The cofounding team brings a diverse range of expertise to the table with backgrounds spanning design, technical advancements and innovation, and security and privacy, Their collective knowledge and visionary thinking is poised to revolutionize the way we interact with technology.

Nate Fristch

Nate is a seasoned tech, startup, and business leader with broad experience across products, domains, and business models. With a penchant for spotting trends early, Nate has been at the vanguard of massive movements over the years -- from positionless basketball and quick service restaurant concepts to cloud security and container orchestration.

Anthony Armendariz

Anthony is a future-forward thinker and design leader, with a passion for pushing the boundaries of innovation. His visionary ideas and expertise in design have positioned him as a trailblazer in shaping the future. He's also the owner of a distinguished design agency who has helped companies such as Peloton, Toyota, Dell, WholeFoods, Grammarly, and Volvo reach success.

Dustin Webber

Dustin is an inventor, pioneering cutting-edge technologies with an unyielding focus on security. He built the first web solution for network security monitoring, co-founded the premier cloud DFIR company, and established the initial kubernetes security company acquired by Capital One. His passion for innovation extends beyond tech; He constantly pushes the boundaries of what's possible.

Natalie Armendariz

Natalie stands as one of the pioneering professional mobile product designers in the era of smartphones. She's also the owner of a distinguished design agency and earning acclaim for her brand and visual design approach. Her portfolio features esteemed clients such as Oracle, Dell, Google, and PayPal.

Lee Brenner

Lee earned his degree in Computer Science in 2000 and has been earning his design degree ever since joining frog in 2005. He has co-founded both an agency and a successful startup. For the past 20 years he has been designing, building, and shipping digital products for everyone from two-person startups to Fortune 100 companies including direct experience designing solutions for AI products.